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No one else in my household can vote on their computer. Why is this happening?

There are other factors that go along with the voting to be precise.

1. Only one vote per household is allowed daily (goes by IP’s set out by router) – Doesn’t matter what device you are using. Phone, laptop, tablet, etc… unless you are on another service (3g,4g etc) then that’s entirely different and will work.
2. It records your vote for that day it went through down to that exact minute. If you vote at 4:30pm – you will not be able to vote until 4:30pm the following day.

Hope that helps and we need to be more clear on these specifics mentioned so nobody feels left out.

Also one more note. We had to take entries out of the contest as we can detect if anyone tries to reset or manually runs through IP addresses to keep voting over the once per daily limit. So we are keeping an eye on that every day to keep this contest fair to all.