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Niko & Lucy

Breed: Pocket Beagle & Shiba Inu

Town: Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Niko and Lucy are filled with lots of cuteness! Even though Niko does not know it, he is. Lucy totally does. Niko is 10 and Lucy is 11. I know they should win because they both make me feel better in different ways (also because they mean the most to me)! Once when I was little I was running the bases with my dad and I fell, guess what? Niko came to check on me! Lucy …nooooo! ha! Lucy makes me feel better by cuddling with me. When we were in South Carolina we went for a walk 2 times a day. Niko adores the beach! Lucy could care less (she is going to be 12 next year so what do you expect?)! But she still plays likes a puppy! Niko Lino is Nikos nickname. Lucy has lots of nicknames but I am only going to write 1.Lu. Our dogs mean so much to us. We hope they stay around for a long time (and possibly teach them tricks!) from Mia Iannolo, age 8