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Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Town: Ronkonkoma, NY

Yorac is our wonderful 8-year-old adopted male cat. He rarely meows but purrs when he is content, especially after having eaten. His passion is food, food, food! Every time we open a can, he thinks we are serving him his favorite wet food! He hovers non-stop and rubs our legs whenever we walk, in a criss-cross manner until he gets what he wants —- yes, you got it, right — until we feed him. Yorac has no “mean” bone in him. Once in a while, he playfully “coerces” his older sister Malcolm (yes she is female, sorry for the confusion there) and chases after her. She gets pissed and fights him off, sometimes, considering he is bigger than her. Yorac’s favorite song is “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” and loves when I sing it to him while he tries to fall asleep. Our late grandad called him “pink nose” for obvious reasons. He has recently discovered that he wants to be a lap cat, too, like his sister Malcolm, so they try to beat the other one in jumping first on our laps. The loser goes to their sleeping basket or the empty armchair.  Yorac is very cooperative when it comes to going to the vet. When he got a microchip last weekend, he did not even make a single sound the vet commented. Yorac is really the best feline boy in town!