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A Lesson From A Scaredy Cat

by Gayle from Oakland Gardens

My friend recently sold her house in Bellerose Queens. The owner of five cats and one Pomeranian dog had planned for the big day of the closing. Most of the furniture and belongings were taken to storage. On moving day, after packing the pets into the carriers, the last cat, a shy female black tuxedo, scratched her and took off upstairs into an open cabinet which led into a big hole in the wall. After several hours of trying to retrieve her she called me and asked me to meet with the new home owners the next day.

She left with a friend in a minivan into the night for a 10 hour journey to Virginia. My meeting with the new homeowners proved to be disappointing. I did not find the cat. He said the cat was not his responsibility. My friend hired a professional trapper, and after one week there was still no cat. The real estate agent had said that her hands were tied and there were legal issues involved, therefore no more attempts should be made to rescue the cat. Finally, another friend who was the original owner of the cat, intervened and left a reward notice on the door of the house and convinced the owner to let her try one more time to set a trap. Using cooperation, the cat was retrieved.

The morale of this story to pet owners, who invested time, love and money on their pets, is: if you are planning on selling your house or just moving, try to place your pets into boarding for a few dollars and a few days. It will spare you the complications that happen when such transactions take place that create chaos and distress for the pets, not just scaredy cat.


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