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If you are thinking that a rabbit might be the right pet for you, there are lots of reasons to adopt a rabbit, rather than buy from a pet store or breeder. Here at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter, we have many wonderful rabbits for adoption, and the benefits of adopting here are numerous:

  1. Rescued bunnies have been medically treated. 
  2. Adult rabbits have been spayed or neutered.
  3. Young rabbits come with a plan for a low-cost spay/neuter.
  4. You will be giving a rabbit a second chance.
  5. You will get care information, help and support.
  6. You will be helping to stop the rabbit overpopulation and abandonment problem.
  7. There are many types, sizes, ages of rabbits that need homes, and if you don’t find the rabbit you’re looking for at the shelter, volunteers can help connect you with a rabbit you may like at one of our foster homes.

Here are a few of the rabbits currently looking for homes at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter:

Rosemary was found by a caring woman who saw her hopping down the road.  Rosemary was not feeling well and was brought to the vet who found a heart murmur and needs to stay on medication for her heart. She is a very sweet girl with a beautiful satin white coat.  She enjoys pets and loves attention.

Simon is a black and white Dutch bunny who was abandoned in a house.  He has been neutered.  He enjoys pets and snuggles and playing with toys.  

Sofie, an orange and white lionhead, was rescued from the same house as Simon.  She was found nursing six babies who were 3-weeks-old when she was rescued. Sofie is spayed and ready for adoption.  Sofie will come to the side of the cage to get pets and veggies. 

Luna, one of Sofie’s babies is black and white and has a lionhead look like her mom.  She loves to give kisses.  She’s about 4-months-old and looking for her forever home.

Max is a handsome white bunny with harlequin black stripes.  Max was dropped in front of the shelter in a box during a rain storm.  He is neutered and is less than a year old.  He loves to jump, play and get pets and snuggles.

Please visit the Brookhaven Animal Shelter (300 Horseblock Road
Brookhaven, NY 11719) to meet these great rabbits. You can also contact to learn what to expect with your first rabbit, to find rabbit-savvy veterinarians, and to inquire about volunteering opportunities.


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