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Adopter Screenings


By Denise Bertolotti

When families inquire about adding a companion rabbit to their home, they ask, and answer, many questions about care, handling, behavior and more. Caring for a rabbit is a lot more work than many families anticipate! While the screening process may seem complicated for some, we are truly looking for families who are committed, coachable and caring.


Rabbits can live 10-12 years. They require special diets, daily exercise time and exotic veterinary care. We are looking for families who will keep a rabbit for the duration of his/her life and show him/her care for that entire time.


With decades of experience, our team knows what rabbits need to thrive! Approved adopters are ones who will listen to our guidance and are receptive to our suggestions on how to best incorporate a companion rabbit into their home.


Bottom line: these rabbits need love! They need someone who will take them to the vet at the first sign of illness, someone who will snuggle with them if they are a rabbit who wants that and someone who is attentive to the specific needs of an exotic pet.

We’ve completed 70 adoptions this year so far and are excited to welcome more committed, coachable and caring families to our group. If this sounds like you, email us!


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