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All About Max & Roxy


Max and Roxy are both adopted Boston Terriers. Roxy is the oldest at 6 and Max is 5 1/2. Two beautiful souls they are. Both very empathetic and witty in their own way. They are best friends and very inseparable! My little world travelers take trips with us wherever we go. We’ve taken quite a few trips in a cabin on a plane to visit their cousins, two frenchies in Arizona & Texas. Max and Roxy also loved visiting their grandma Audrey who will be missed so much. Roxy, being the oldest, has the most energy out of both of them, she will play fetch for hours upon hours without ever losing energy. Max, he is done after a few rounds, and more then happy to take a nap in your lap. Max, being Mr. Curiosity however, did once give us a scare and we thought he disappeared! We had a storage unit we needed to get into and they both came out of the car inside except for him! Drove around for a half hour screaming his name and crying  thinking he was gone forever. Low and behold I hear him crying. What happened? He found a French fry under the seat and wedged himself in there as I was driving like a maniac looking for him and he rolls side to side 😂😂 . I couldn’t have asked for any better fur babies ! They are loved by many!

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  1. Michelle March 29, 2019 Reply

    Loved reading your story guys!!!❤️❤️ Dogs are truly family!

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