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Annual Pet Parade & One Love One Life One Fight

Annual Pet Parade to benefit SCCADV

On September 21st there was a pet parade in Patchogue to benefit the Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence. SCCADV’s Mission is “to assist and help empower victims of domestic violence through provision of a wide range of services and to work toward the prevention of domestic violence”.


and in related news…

onelove One Love One Life One Fight

One Love One Life One Fight is an organization that offers help for women affected by domestic violence by boarding their beloved pets, feeding them, and seeking veterinary care when needed – all free of charge! They use donations made directly to One Love and any money collected from their volunteers and themselves to use for the animals in their care.One Love One Life One Fight teamed up with VIBS & three domestic violence shelters in Suffolk County; Brighter Tomorrows, The Retreat, & Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, to offer free boarding for the pets of the battered women who enter these shelters seeking refuge & not wanting to leave their pets behind. There are no shelters in New York state that allow pets on the premises & the statistics are astounding how many women refuse aid because they cannot fathom leaving their pets. The company offer foster homes, free boarding, free vet care, free food, free training, & adoption services if their new lifestyles no longer permit animals. This way they can go guilt free, visit their pet’s daily if they wish & ultimately get reunited with them after they sort out their lives. Many studies show that in homes where spousal abuse is prevalent, pet abuse is also going on in tandem. The founders of the organization were shocked to learn that there were no programs that helped with the pets in these situations, so they started “One Love.” It is their hope to expand their program to offer aid to shelters in Nassau County as well as for homeless shelters.

“One Love” can be found on Facebook and are always seeking volunteers and donated items (towels, blankets, food, toys etc…).

If people want to help please email them at •

One Love One Life One Fight is a subsidiary organization of The Animal Rights Advocacy Group.


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