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Celebrating Victoria’s Amazing Pets

2018 Victoria's Amazing Pets at Belmont Elementary School Victoria Bonavita Teacher Jeannine Pernice and Principal Valerie Jackson

Victoria recently had a very special visit to her alma mater, Belmont Elementary School in N. Babylon. When she was ten, Victoria created her animal education program, “Victoria’s Amazing Pets”, as a means of educating her 5th-grade class about her pigeons and chickens. The program consisted of a live animal exhibit, as well as a brochure and a 20-minute educational film. The current version of the film contains a special story told by Dr. Jane Goodall, as well as appearances by Oscar, nominated actor Burt Young, The Incredible Dr. Pol (from NatGeo wild), Jack Hanna, children’s author Jan Brett and Beth Stern. Victoria’s presentation was on June 21st, the last day of school. It was also the last day for her former 5th-grade teacher, Jeannine Pernice, who has taught at Belmont for nearly 22 years. She is now headed to the district’s middle school. Victoria presented Ms. Pernice with a Citation, on behalf of NYS Assemblywoman Kimberly John-Pierre, to recognize her work as an “amazing” teacher. In the four years since graduating from elementary school, Victoria has done 19 celebrity interviews and has had 1.6 million copies of her articles printed. She has also appeared on television and supported many animal related websites with her educational videos. At the age of eleven, Victoria was recognized by Dowling College for her excellence in the field of Arts and Sciences. At the age of twelve, Victoria was awarded a Certificate of Special Recognition by Congress. In 2017 she was honored in Washington, D.C. as the top middle-level volunteer from NYS. In 2017, Victoria was also honored with a prestigious Gracie Award for her educational website, Victoria has been featured on News12 for her work as an “animal educator” and has filmed educational shows for television. Victoria has received citations and proclamations from all branches of government, including local, state and federal. In May 2018 Victoria was named a Jr. Beautification Ambassador for The Town of Babylon.

Victoria Bonavita Amazing Pets at Belmont 2018 Victoria's Amazing Pets at Belmont Elementary Victoria Bonavita Answering Questions

2018 Victoria's Amazing Pets at Belmont Elementary Exhibit LI Pet Lover 2018 Victoria's Amazing Pets at Belmont Elementary Exhibit 2018 Victoria Bonavita and teacher Jeannine Pernice NYS Assembly Citation Amazing Teacher


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