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Celebrities & Their Chickens



Chickens have become very popular over the past few years and have even made their way into the lives of many celebrities. I recently had a chance to meet with Isabella Rossellini about her new book “My Chickens and I”. Rossellini is an actress, model, filmmaker, author and chicken farmer. She has been in many popular movies including Blue Velvet, Death Becomes Her and Joy. This time, it’s Rossellini’s chickens that are in front of the lens as they shine in her new book, as well as in some amazing portraits that are available at Pamela Lerner Home and Design in Bellport. Proceeds from the book go to help support the needs of “The Farm”, where Rossellini keeps her rare and unique chickens. Rossellini’s legendary mother, Ingrid Bergman, starred in the 1952 comic short film “The Chicken” that was directed by her famous father, Roberto Rossellini.




I’ve also had the chance to interview other celebrities who love chickens like Dr. Jane Goodall, Jane Brett, and Lidia Bastianich. Dr. Goodall is very well known in the animal world for her amazing work with chimpanzees, but did you know that she actually got started with chickens? During my interview with Dr. Goodall she shared a very special childhood story with me. When she was a little girl, she wanted to know how a chicken laid and egg – so she hid in a chicken coop and spent over four hours quietly waiting to see it happen. Once she did, she ran off to tell her mother – who was probably very worried because no one knew where she was. Goodall said,” Luckily, my mother was wise enough, she saw my shinning eyes and sat down to hear this wonderful story about how a chicken laid an egg. Otherwise, all of that scientific curiosity may have been crushed”. Dr. Goodall told me that was the first time she acted as a scientist and that experience led her to where she is today. Goodall’s sister still lives in their childhood home where she has chickens rescued from a battery farm. Jan Brett is a popular children’s author and illustrator with over forty million books in print. She is most well known for her book, The Mitten. However, she’s written and illustrated many other books including Hedgies Surprise, The Animals’ Santa, and my personal favorite, Cinder a Chicken Cinderella Story. But what many people don’t know about Jan Brett is that she is also a champion chicken breeder. She is best known for her champion Polish chickens. Many times you will be able to see Jan Brett at a poultry show. Her birds are so well bred that they often win a place in Champion Row. I met and interviewed Jan Brett when I attended my first ever poultry show in her home state of Massachusetts.

Lidia Bastianich is a chef, author, TV personality and restaurateur. She has written many books about her life and cooking. She also has a children’s book series called, Nonna tell me a Story. These books are about Lidia telling her grandkids stories of when she was young. One of her latest books called, Lidia’s Egg-Citing Farm Adventure, is all about how Lidia grew up on a farm with chickens. The book also includes some really great recipes that require delicious eggs. The recipes are not only good for you, but they taste great as well. I made one of Lidia’s amazing recipes with my Grandma Carrie and I had a great time doing it.

Written by Victoria Bonavita
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