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Cockatiels are small-medium sized parrots that make great pets. They are well tempered and enjoy human interaction. Cockatiels are known for having a longer life span than most small parrots. They can live up to twenty years, which is why you have to be prepared for a lengthy care commitment. Grey is the most common color for a cockatiel, but they also come in pearl, white, yellow, cinnamon, and other color variations. Cockatiels require medium sized cages with food, water, and toys. Having toys in the cage will help to stimulate their mind. Their water should be changed every day &their cage should always be kept clean.

Cockatiels are herbivores. They mainly eat a pellet or seed diet. It’s also important to give your cockatiel a variety of food. Different fruits and vegetables make a great healthy treat. Calcium is also an important part of a cockatiels diet. You can put a calcium block or a cuttlebone in your bird’s cage to help with that. It will also help to sharpen the bird’s beak.

When selecting your cockatiel, there are a few things you want to look for. First, it’s always best if you can find a younger bird. They will be easier to train and will learn to trust more easily. However, a cockatiel at any age, with the proper care and attention can be trained and will make a great pet. You also want to see if the bird is aggressive. If the bird is biting and running away from people, then it’s probably not a good pet for you – unless you can devote the proper amount of time and attention to training it. Cockatiels, by nature, are gentle, flexible birds that often will be very easy to train. However, each cockatiel is different and will have its own personality. Cockatiels are naturally loving and friendly birds, but they can get scared just like any other animal. So remember to always be gentle with them, never make loud noises, wave your hands or stick your fingers at them.

As always, before getting any pet, you should always do your research. Once you’ve made your decision, first see if there are any available for adoption. Remember, whenever possible, “Don’t Shop, Adopt”!

Victoria’s Fun Facts and Tips:
~ Male cockatiels are known to whistle & make noise more than the females.
~ Cockatiels are one of the most popular pet birds in the U.S. and make
great companions.
~ The scientific name of a cockatiel is Nymphicus hollandicus.
~ Cockatiels come from Australia.
~ Cockatiels are good flyers. If you don’t want your bird flying away, you
can go to your local vet or pet store to get their wings clipped. Clipping
wings does not harm your bird in any way; it’s the same feeling as
clipping your nails.
~ If you want a bird that can talk, then you might want to consider a larger
parrot. It’s a lot easier for a cockatiel to learn to whistle than to say words.
~ Covering your cage at night will help your cockatiel sleep better.

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