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Cooper our February “Pet of the Month” Winner!


Cooper was adopted in 2003. Funny enough, he was supposed to be a Shih Tzu. My parents wanted to get me a Shih Tzu puppy since my first dog that passed away was one. So my mom told my dad to go get a Shih Tzu, but my dad somehow heard “to get a Chihuahua”. And he came home with little Cooper, and I instantly fell in love with him. I think my dad subconsciously remembered me saying chihuahuas were my favorite dog breed, and just assumed that’s what my mom was saying while he was half listening to her.  

In 2013 I was diagnosed with PTSD, and a year later I got Cooper certified to be an emotional support animal. He’s been through everything with me; family drama, moving 4-5 times to different homes and states, and my mental issues. No matter where I went or what was happening, Cooper was with me. He’s even literally saved my life during my suicidal days as a teenager. So he’s so in tune with me that he knows when a panic attack is gonna happen before I realize it. He makes this little chirping sound when he’s warning me, and then helps me calm down by cuddling with me.  

We once went to a drive through where some kids were causing havoc in the parking lot. Cooper was sleeping on my lap as I was pulling up when one of the boys stopping in front of my car. He tapped on the hood of the car and then walked over to my window (which was open). He was trying to intimidate me. All I had to say was “get him”, and Cooper sprang up immediately trying to claw his way over the window while barking his little head off at the guy. That scared the guy away. It was funny seeing my little 6lb Chihuahua scare this 17-year-old tough guy.  

Cooper has two favorite places: (1) McDonald’s in ridge because of the food and the fact everyone says hi to him, and give him head scratches. (2) Birch & Main in Port Jefferson; an awesome bath bomb, candle, and scented store where the owners, Michael and Ken, ADORE him! Cooper will literally fall asleep on their counter while they pet him and tell him how cute he is lol!  

Cooper is not an ordinary Chihuahua. He doesn’t really bark, he LOVES people, doesn’t bite (unless I say “go get ‘em”, which is his attack phrase) and is even litter box trained so he doesn’t go potty outside. All he wants to do is be with his mommy. One time I asked a friend to watch him while I went somewhere. I forgot to tell my friend that Cooper will cry out “momma” when he realizes I’m gone. It was safe to say that when Cooper started calling for his mommy, my friend thought their own kid was crying for help. Though to be fair, I cry out for Cooper when he’s not around. Lol!  

I’ve had many dogs prior to Cooper, and I loved my other dogs dearly. But nothing and no one compares to Cooper. He’s my sweet baby angel, and he’s like a piece of my heart.  When we go out he’s either in my arms or in his little purple stroller.  And now that he’s getting older, he’s becoming more and more blind. So they dependence we have on each other has increased. My PTSD is getting worse, and Cooper’s cataracts are getting worse. We need each other. Nothing makes us happier than being curled up in bed together under piles of blankets. I’ve never had a bond so strong with any other dog, but Cooper. A simple miscommunication between my parents gave me the greatest gift I could ever ask for!  

Thank you for setting this contest up. I wanted Cooper to get the recognition he deserves from all the things he’s done for me. I know he doesn’t even know or understand that he won a contest, but it’s nice for my baby to have a little spotlight on him to show what an amazing little dog he is.