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Fun With Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs are very friendly and cute little animals that can make great pets, especially for kids, because they rarely bite and are very social. They’re also clean and easy to care for. But as always, I recommend that you do lots of research before getting any pet. This way you’re prepared to give them the very best care possible.

Guinea pigs can come in many different colors and breeds. The more common breeds are the American, Teddy, Abyssinian, Sheltie, and Skinny pig. The most popular breed is the American Guinea pig.

Caring for a guinea pig is pretty simple, beginning with a well-balanced diet, which is very important for its health. Besides their normal pellet food, you should also give them a variety of different vegetables, like carrots, celery & tomatoes. As well as different fruits, like strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Guinea pigs also love hay, which is actually a very important part of their diet. Timothy hay, oat grass, & orchard grass make a good treat for your pet. Another important part of their diet is vitamin C. Guinea pigs don’t have the ability to make vitamin C in the body, so they need a vitamin C supplement. And of course, there should always be fresh water available to them at all times.

Another area to pay attention to is their teeth. They’re always growing, so providing them with chew toys will help to prevent them from growing too long.


Guinea pigs are herd animals and will do better in groups. Because of this, it’s a good idea to get more than one, if you can. If you do get more than one, then I suggest you get two of the same gender, because they’re known to breed quickly. The more guinea pigs you have, the bigger the cage needs to be. Be sure to provide your new friend(s) with a cage that allows them to walk around and exercise. If your cage is too small, then your guinea pig(s) could become stressed and start to fight.


Cleanliness is always important to the life of any pet. You should be sure their environment is dry and their cage is cleaned at least once a week. You should also be sure to provide them with a soft bedding, so it doesn’t irritate their feet. Guinea pigs are very cute, gentle little animals that can make really great pets and become your new best friend.

Victoria’s Fun Facts and Tips:

• The lifespan of a Guinea pig is around 4-8 years.
• A baby guinea pig is called a “pup”.
• Skinny pigs have almost no hair on their body except for a little on their legs and feet.
• Guinea pigs make a lot of different noises including chirping, squealing, rumbling, and purring. Each noise means something different.
• Guinea pigs originate from the Andes of South America.
• Guinea pigs spend a lot of time grooming themselves.
• It’s said that the oldest guinea pig lived up to almost 15 years.

Written by Victoria Bonavita

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