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“Getting Wild” with Beth Stern

Recently, I was in the Hamptons at a fundraiser for The Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center. At the event, I was fortunate to get an exclusive interview with the amazing, Beth Stern. Beth, and husband Howard Stern, love pets and wildlife. They are longtime supporters of the Wildlife Rescue Center and North Shore Animal League America.

During my interview, Beth shared some really great stories about how she and Howard have rescued numerous animals out on the East End of L.I. She said that after calling the Wildlife Center numerous times about injured animals, she decided to take the Animal Rescue Transport Class. And now she and Howard transport the injured wildlife to the Rescue Center themselves. After the animals have been rehabilitated,
she returns to release them back into the wild.

When I asked about Howard’s love of animals, Beth said she’s currently fostering 18 kittens at home.
“Every night I put Howard in the foster room and they play with all the curls in his hair. So you go in, and there’s all these kittens all over him. It’s just the cutest thing”.

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To see my full interview with Beth, go to my YouTube Channel, “Victoria’s Amazing World”.


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