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Illegal, Exotic Animal Amnesty Day


The Suffolk County SPCA teamed with the Brookhaven Town Highway Department and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation recently to hold another “Illegal, Exotic Animal Amnesty Day”. This was a day to allow those in possession of protected, endangered and threatened animals that require special NYS DEC and Fish and Wildlife permits, to turn in these animals without penalties. The event was deemed a success as quite a few animals were turned over to authorities. Those animals included… a 5 foot long Black Throated Monitor Lizard… a smaller Nile Monitor Lizard… 2 Alligators… 3 East End Box Turtles… 2 Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles… 2 Common Snapping Turtles and 2 Gulf Coast Box Turtles.

IMG_20170930_131715 IMG_20170930_122446 IMG_20170930_122217


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