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Hi everyone – my name is Victoria Bonavita. I’m an animal educator and journalist. I started on this path at the age of ten when I created my animal education program called “Victoria’s Amazing Pets”. With the support of my former fifth grade teacher Ms. Pernice, I gave my first presentation to the students at Belmont Elementary. Since that time, I’ve continued going to schools, libraries, nature and senior centers to teach others about animals.

That same year I also started my own YouTube channel called Victoria’s Amazing World.  For my first educational video I interviewed Trish Hayes – she’s a chicken breeder and expert. I then had the chance to interview the famous author and illustrator Jan Brett at the Northeaster Poultry Congress in Massachusetts. In addition to being one the most popular children’s authors, with over 40 million books in print, she is also a champion Polish chicken breeder. Following that, I was given the opportunity to interview legendary animal expert Jack Hanna.

Working as a journalist, I’ve now interviewed dozens of amazing people over the past two years. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel around Long Island covering events such as the Long Island Pet Expo and the Long Island Lizard Expo, as well as taking part in a very exciting seal walk conducted by Dr. Arthur Kopelman. I’ve also been to places like North Shore Animal League America and the Long Island Aquarium to report on exciting events they had going on. I also travel out of state for events such as the Delmarva Poultry Fanciers Show in Delaware.

One of my favorite interviews was with Dr. Jane Goodall. I found her to be truly inspiring. She shared a lot of stories with me during my interview with her, but my favorite was the one when she described an event that led her on the path to becoming a scientist.   Dr. Jane told me that as a little girl she wanted to know how a chicken laid an egg. She said she didn’t see a hole that was big enough for the egg to come out – so to satisfy her curiosity she sat by a chicken coop for hours until she finally got her answer. She said it was at that moment that she first acted as a scientist. I could relate to her story because I own chickens, and I love to learn new things about them.

A couple of months ago I was asked to speak at NYS Animal Advocacy day in Albany by Senator Phil Boyle. I met so many amazing people at that event – it was an experience I will never forget. I’m now 12 years old and honored to be a new writer for L.I. Pet Lover.

You can see all my interviews at And if you’d like me to visit your school or library, you can reach me at


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