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Victoria Bonavita with Joy Mangano

Have you ever had a good idea or created an invention that you think would benefit a pet? If so, then make this the year you put those ideas to work. I recently had a chance to interview the amazing Joy Mangano who has created many inventions meant to make our lives a little better and brighter. One of her most popular inventions is the self-wringing Miracle Mop.

In her new book, ‘Inventing Joy’, she begins by telling a heartfelt story of how she developed her first invention when she was just ten years old to help her black German shepherd, Duke. It was in the middle of winter when she saw Duke fall through the ice covering her in-ground pool. She tells of how no one in her family noticed, so she ran outside to help. She grabbed a hold of his paws and somehow found the strength to pull Duke out of the pool. Once out, she discovered his paws were cut and bleeding. She then took Duke inside and wrapped his paws with bandages, a process she repeated four times over the next two days. Finally, she thought, “there has to be a better way”. And there was. She made Duke, what she called, “special bandage booties”. The outside were like socks and the inside she layered with gauze. She recalled thinking – “They work. The crazy booties work. This is better.” And so began the career of one of the most celebrated female inventors of our time.

Matilda Happy New Year

Matilda wishes you all a Happy New Year! 

 Ms Peaches

Ms. Peaches 

Victoria Bonavita with Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano & Victoria

Joy and I had a chance to chat after her book signing that was held at Bed Bath and Beyond in Westbury, NY. She told me that she “couldn’t live without a pet” and that she was very excited to be getting a new puppy after losing a dog she had for many years. The puppy is an English Golden Retriever that Joy said, “has stolen her heart” Her name is Ms. Peaches – named for the color of the collar she was wearing. I asked Joy what advice she had for people with an idea for a new invention. She said to never give up – there will be obstacles, but just take it one step at a time. She stressed the fact that you don’t have to be a genius to invent something great. And, she added, “The pets will benefit”. I loved hearing that the most. She didn’t make it about being successful or about making money – it was about helping the pets that mattered.

I would like to thank our publisher, Dean Murray, and everyone at the L.I. Pet Lover for all they do to make this such a great magazine. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to write for the L.I. Pet Lover and I look forward to sharing many more fun and exciting stories about our pets throughout the year.

I wish you and your pets a Happy, Healthy and Wonderful New Year!



Victoria’s Fun Facts and Tips:

• You can read all about Joy in her new book, Inventing Joy.
• Joy’s new puppy, Ms. Peaches, was featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
• Joy says the first thing to do is to protect your idea with a Trademark and Patent.
• The 2015 movie Joy, featured Jennifer Lawrence, who received an Academy Award nomination and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Joy. The film also starred Robert De Niro and Isabella Rossellini.
• Joy comes from Smithtown, NY. You can watch her on HSN.

Written by Victoria Bonavita

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