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Kyra Rodriguez, from Patchogue, is an eight year old 3rd grade student who loves animals. She has 2 pet cats, Brewster and Delilah. Kaylah, age 10, Joshua, age 9, Jacob, age 6, Kate, age 11 and Isabelle age 7,from Mt. Sinai, have 3 pets, Joby, a golden doodle, Miss Sugar and Menchie, sugar gliders. Kyra decided to set up a lemonade stand in front of her home. With the help and encouragement of her family, she raised $216.03. Kaylah, Joshua, Jacob, Kate, Isabelle and their friends set up a ice tea stand and raised $245.00.

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They all feel very strongly about animals. The money will be earmarked for pet food for the needy. Many of us have fond memories of growing up with a family pet. Like Kaylah, Joshua, Jacob, Kyra, Isabelle and Kate, teaching kids to show compassion and understanding of animals is the beginning of preventing cruelty to animals. These kids are sweet, caring, kind and compassionate children that their parents are very proud of. The Suffolk County SPCA is very proud of all of them too. Chief Roy Gross said “The world would be a better place with more Kyras, Kaylahs, Joshuas, Jacobs, Kates and Isabelles. We can all learn kindness, compassion and understanding from these remarkable children.”

“Protecting Suffolk County’s animals is the only job we do!”

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