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Little Shelter Cat, Tarah, Needs a Special Home



Hundreds of animals pass through the door of Little Shelter each year. All of these animals will receive some medical care; at the very least all animals receive a vet check-up and vaccinations. If they have not been neutered/spayed, we do that as well. They are all microchipped to ensure that if they are ever lost, Little Shelter will be notified. A number of these animals are in need of more critical care. Tarah is one such case.

Tarah, a lovely, little, black cat, was living amid rubbish and decay outside an abandoned Long Island home. The owners had moved, leaving poor Tarah behind. Little Shelter volunteer, Carol, noticed this little cat and began feeding her, along with other strays.

Carol noticed her leg that one of Tarah’s front paws was very swollen. Carol took Tarah to Little Shelter for evaluation. Our veterinarians examined Tarah’s paw and had a biopsy taken. Tarah had cancer. Tarah’s leg had to be amputated to save her life. Tarah has since had her surgery and her prognosis is very good. The cancer seems to have not spread to other parts of her body.


Tarah is recovering from her procedure and learning to get around on three legs. Through all of this, Tarah has been a trooper. She is a wonderfully friendly, little cat who wants nothing more than to cuddle with a family of her own. Tarah is currently recuperating in a foster home. Once Tarah is healed, she will be ready to do just that. .

As the oldest no-kill shelter on Long Island, Little Shelter depends on our donors’ support so that we may provide medical care, food and shelter for animals like Tarah, and the hundreds of other animals currently under Little Shelter’s care. To donate to our animals, please visit or visit us at: Little Shelter, 33 Warner Road, Huntington, NY.


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