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Little Shelter Saves Drowning Cat



Little Shelter recently came to the aid of homeless cat, now named Ursula. Ursula was found in a woman’s backyard pool.  She appeared to have drowned. The woman rescued her from the frigid pool water and rushed her to Little Shelter. Ursula, dubbed “Pool Mama” by Little Shelter staff, was immediately tended to by our medical staff.  She had no temperature, her lungs were filled with fluid and her heartbeat was weak. Ursula was put on oxygen.  She was warmed with heat packs and her fur was blow dried to dry her and bring up her body temperature. Once Ursula was out of the woods, a staff member offered to foster her in her home. On her follow-up vet visit, an ultrasound was performed.  It was discovered that Ursula not only had pneumonia, but she was also pregnant. Ursula went on antibiotics to fight the pneumonia and get her healthy so that she could carry her kittens to term.

Ursula has since recovered and gave birth to four healthy kittens, named Scuttle, Flounder, Arielle and Sebastian.  Two of the kittens have already found homes.


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