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Little Shelter Takes In Transport of Dogs & Cats Rescued From The Destruction Of Hurricane Harvey

While warnings of Harvey’s potential impact painted a grim picture, no one could have expected the turn of events that led to it being one of the most devastating Hurricanes to hit the US. Over 30,000 people were displaced from their homes after Harvey made landfall on August 25th. In addition an estimated 600,000 pets have been left to fend for themselves. As the water continues to recede Texas shelters are expecting to find even more dogs and cats in need of aide. Little Shelter being a leader in helping animals in need reached out to Texas based groups to see how we can help in giving relief to these beloved companions.

To ease the burden of the Texas town shelters, Little Shelter has arranged a transport for some of the Texas shelter dogs and cats to find sanctuary here. “When you see something like this happen and you have the ability to do something about it, you need to step in and help anyway you can.” Commented Director David Ceely. “As we watched this tragedy on our TV’s, we began reaching out to Texas shelters offering to pull some of their shelter residents to make room for family pets who have been caught in the hurricane.”

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Little Shelter is eagerly preparing for the dogs and cats arrival early Monday morning. The staff will meet the transport on the last leg of their journey and bring them to safety in Huntington. As more animals being to surge the shelter systems in Texas, Little Shelter is expecting to arrange further transports to continue relief efforts.


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