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Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group


Rabbits are the third most popular pet on Long Island; they are also the third most abandoned, neglected and abused domestic animal on Long Island. Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to rescue abandoned and neglected domestic rabbits, have them medically treated and find them safe and loving indoor homes.

We don’t have a shelter facility; all of our rabbits are fostered in private homes. When a family is generous enough to provide an indoor foster home for a rabbit in need, our team assembles to catch the rabbit if he/she has been abandoned, and helps transport the rabbit to the foster home or to a rabbit-savvy veterinarian, should the need be imminent. Our group provides care supplies and food for foster rabbits, funded solely through donations. After we raise enough money to have a rabbit spayed/neutered, we then network to find her/him a safe, loving, indoor “forever home” where this rabbit can live a life of safety, warmth and care. As the mother of two rabbits, I can assure you that they reciprocate that love, warmth and care every day in their own special ways!

Despite our best efforts, the situation for domestic rabbits on Long Island continues to be one of great struggle. These intelligent, sensitive and social creatures need our support.

You can help us today by “liking” @longislandrabbitrescue on Facebook, sharing our posts and visiting our website

written by Denise Bertolotti, volunteer



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