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Man by the name of “Snakeman” found with 850 snakes kept in his home garage


850 snakes were found in the New York home of a man who police say used the snakes for his business. On Sept. 19, CNN reported that Richard Parrinello was running an illegal snake business out of the garage of his home in Brookhaven. Parrinello even had two 6-foot Burmese pythons in his collection — which are illegal in the state of New York.

“All the snakes appeared to be in good health and there was no animal abuse or neglect,” CNN reported. Authorities were reportedly on the case for weeks before obtaining a search warrant. Apparently they were tipped off by a workers compensation fraud case.

Of the 850 snakes, only two were taken to a reptile sanctuary where they will be properly cared for. The two Burmese pythons were relocated to Massachusetts but the other 848 snakes remain in Parrinello’s garage. As far as what will become of Parrinello, he was issued two summonses for two different offenses. If he is found guilty of both, he could owe a fine of $500 maximum.

“Parrinello kept an online website, ‘Snakeman’s Exotics,’ which advertised a collection of pythons, boa constrictors and hognose snakes available for sale both domestically and internationally,” CNN reported.

Aside from the 850 snakes, Parrinello also had turtles and a few tarantulas.

– Effie Orfanides (News Examiner)


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