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New Year’s Resolutions


The New Year is here and its time for New Year’s resolutions; not only for you, but for your pets too. It’s important to keep your pet healthy all year round. That includes nutrition, exercise, safety, and happiness. Frequent exercise and proper nutrition are a part of what keeps you and I happy and healthy, and the same goes for our pets.

You have to keep a well balanced diet to maintain your pet’s health. You might be surprised to know that a lot of the popular brand name foods contain ingredients that are not good for your pet. Research shows that we shouldn’t just pick a random bag of pet food and feed it to our pets. You should always check the ingredients in your pet’s food before buying it. With dog and cat food, it’s important to have meat and protein in the ingredients because they’re carnivores. You never want to see the word by-products listed as ingredients because by-products are any part of the animal that is non-digestible by a human; such as the liver, kidneys and other internal organs. Besides protein, your dog or cat also needs fruits and vegetables. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all fruits and vegetables are good for your pet. For instance, apples and watermelons (minus the seeds) are healthy for your dog, but grapes and tomatoes are not. Remember, it’s good to do your research when it comes to your pet’s diet. Exercise is also key in keeping your pet healthy. Exercise is important because it relieves stress, it keeps your pet from getting bored and it offers an opportunity for training and socialization. Taking your pet on walks daily is an easy way for you and your furry friend to get a workout.

Another way to give your pet a workout is to set up obstacle courses. This will not only keep your pet entertained physically, but mentally as well. Teaching your pet new tricks can challenge their brain and keep them entertained. For smaller animals, like birds and bunnies a good workout can be as simple as letting them forage for food. You can do this by hiding treats in your pets cage and then letting them have the fun of finding it. You can also put toys like mirrors and bells in your pet’s cage so they can play with it throughout the day. Pet birds are natural athletes so giving them time daily to exercise is very important. Playpens are great for small pets because it lets them stench their legs outside the cage. When letting your pet outside the cage always keep in mind their safety. For instance, keep your pet away from sharp objects and things they can chew or digest that would be harmful to them. And when taking your dog or cat for a walk, be aware of your surroundings. If you feed your pet a good diet, exercise them well, and keep their safety in mind, your pet will live a happy healthy life.

I wish you and your pets a very happy and healthy New Year!

Victoria Bonavita

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