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Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law, a bill that will add animal fighting to the list of crimes that allow law enforcement to conduct electronic surveillance. By including animal fighting as an eligible offense, law enforcement and prosecutors will now have a valuable tool at their disposal to combat this heinous crime.

NYS Senator Phil Boyle (R- Bay Shore), (pictured to the right) who sponsored the bill in the NYS Senate, said, “By providing our law enforcement officials with this valuable tool, we will not only protect dogs and other animals from abuse, but also crack down on violent gang members who often run these dog fighting rings among other crimes they are perpetrating.”

Apart from the well-established link between violence against animals and violence against people, law enforcement throughout the state has seen first-hand that vigorous investigations and prosecutions of animal fighting exposes gang networks, narcotics rings, weapons trafficking and other sophisticated and violent criminal enterprises.


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