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News From Albany: Pit Bull Awareness Month


A great group of volunteers at the “NY Bully Crew” pit bull rescue organization. (L to R) John Votta, Dean Murray, Chris DeJesus, Claudia Callari & down low, in front, is Aaron!

NYS Assemblyman Dean Murray paid a visit to the “NY Bully Crew”, pit bull rescue organization in East Patchogue to present them with a Resolution that was adopted earlier this year, proclaiming October of 2017 as “Pit Bull Awareness Month” in the state of New York. The State recognition is aimed at joining with the National Pit Bull Awareness Month, in an effort to bring together pet owners, shelters, breed clubs and rescue organizations to celebrate pit bulls with adoption, education and responsible ownership events in communities across NY State and across the nation. Pit bulls have been unfairly stereotyped in recent years as a vicious breed due to their past use as fighting dogs by unscrupulous owners. However, no dogs, including pit bulls, are born aggressive, such behavior is the result of improper upbringing. The fact is, pit bulls are a loving, kind breed of dog, which require proper socialization & training just as any other breed. In 2008, the American Temperament Society published testing results which gave pit bulls a passing grade in the mid-80% range. In addition, pit bulls scored better than 119 of 218 breeds for temperament. A celebrated canine in American history, pit bulls were featured on World War I posters used to recruit and support troops. Numerous public figures, including Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, WoodrowWilson and Jimmy Carter, as well as Helen Keller and Fred Astaire, have owned them as pets. Today, pit bulls can be found throughout society and are valued as service animals, police dogs and of course, family pets. The popular television show “Pit Bulls and Parolees” has also shown pit bulls’ therapeutic capabilities, matching them with former inmates on parole and helping them overcome many personal issues. Numerous shelters and organizations throughout the State of New York have volunteered their efforts to join together to change public perceptions and to combat negative stereotypes about pit bulls, while also promoting responsible ownership and appreciation for this wonderful breed.


Dean Murray with John Votta of New York Bull Crew!


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