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Ode to Odin by Lauren Rodriguez

He may only have one eye, but Odin has a whole lot of heart. By the time he was 3 weeks old, adversity had already become an all-too-familiar concept to him. The runt of his litter and troubled with a cloudy left eye, nobody was sure what trauma  had befallen him or how he would fare moving forward.

However, unbeknownst to him, Odin’s luck was about to change, as this weakness quickly became his greatest asset: that cloudy left eye and diminutive stature was what made his future mom immediately fall in love with him. After two months at a shelter, struggling to cope with constant barking and a plethora of other stressors, Odin was finally on his way to his forever home: mine!

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On June 10, 2018 he found himself being showered with the love and affection he deserved and treated to the finest foods a bunny could hope for. For months Odin’s life was carefree, but life has a way of wrecking the best laid plans of rabbits and men.

That cloudy eye quickly became problematic as it continued to increase in size and further bulge from Odin’s petite, fragile head. It was with heavy heart that Odin’s mom learned of the need for an enucleation; at a meager 10 and a half months old, the decision was made for Odin to undergo a surgical procedure to have his left eye removed.

Odin was brought to New Hyde Park and placed in the immaculate care of the staff at Catnip & Carrots Veterinary Hospital. After an agonizing three hours, Odin’s mom was informed that the procedure went off without a hitch and “Odin the Viking Potato” was just fine! Aside from losing an eye, Odin appeared no worse for wear and regrew the fur around the surgical site within a few short weeks.

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Despite the hardships he faced from birth and each subsequent obstacle that reared its ugly head along the way, Odin has time and again proven to be the epitome of resilience and been a source of inspiration for all those who know him. He now resides with his sister Freya in a spacious three-story condo, where they will live hoppily ever after.

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