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Pet Industry Says: “Protect Your Freedom of Choice”


P.U.P.P.I. People United to Protect Pet Integrity

PUPPI’s mission is simple: protect the health of pets and integrity of our industry, and promote freedom of choice: shop OR adopt.

With pressure increasing on the pet retailing industry, a team of pet store owners came together with hopes of reaching one common goal: to save their businesses. Store owners created P.U.P.P.I. (People United to Promote Pet Integrity), a coalition of pet store owners and other members of the Pet Retailing Industry. Our founding members have laid the foundation for future members, set goals for the organization, and have created one unified voice for members of our industry – which has already begun to tell the story of brick & mortar stores to our elected officials.

P.U.P.P.I. holds each of our members to high standards. As representatives of the industry at large, it is vital that our members all be in good standing not only with this organization, but with any and all industry regulations. Through this, P.U.P.P.I. is able to maintain legitimacy and ultimately strengthens our voice.

Our Membership Requirements Include:

• Must be Pet Dealers, Breeders, or Brokers doing business (or seeking to do business) in New York State
• Must be licensed by USDA, state, or county if applicable
• Must not engage or enable animal cruelty, (i.e. dealing with commercial breeders that are not licensed by the USDA, have lost their license, or have more than 3 critical violations within a calendar year)
• Must not engage in internet sale of pets
• Have the greater good for the industry in mind
• Mut carefully follow the group’s rules outlined in the Bylaws
• …and most importantly, love animals!

We look forward to working with you!

P.O. Box 7689 Garden City, NY 11530 •


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