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Pigs have become very popular over the years. Multiple celebrities have also taken interest in the cute loving farm animal. People like Megan Fox, Paris Hilton, George Clooney, and Kendall Schmidt all have, or have had a pet pig. They can make great pets, but before getting one, there’s a lot you need to know. Many people see a cute baby pig and immediately fall in love and want to take it home. But before doing so, you need to do your research. Just like all cute baby animals, pigs grow and get big. The average size for a teacup pig is about 35 pounds, but that’s not always the case. Some mini pigs can get up to 60 pounds. So remember, they won’t stay small forever, and you must be ready for the care commitment they require. Pigs are extremely intelligent animals. Just like dogs, they can be taught to do many different tricks. Some people even say that they’re smarter than dogs. You’d be surprised to find out that pigs are clean animals. The reason pigs roll in the mud is because the mud acts as a sunscreen to protect their skin on hot sunny days. Pigs can also be litter trained. Pigs, just like any pet, require veterinary care and checkups to keep them in good health. So, before getting a pig, make sure there’s an exotic veterinary office near you that will treat pigs. It’s important to maintain your pigs’ teeth and hooves. Pigs should never be overfed, since they are prone to obesity. If pigs become obese, they can develop fat around their eyes, which will make it difficult for them to see.

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Kendall Schmidt                  George Clooney

If you decide that you want a mini pig, adoption is the best way to go. There’s a lot of different rescues that have pigs up for adoption. Janice Skura’s Potbellied Pig Sanctuary in Suffolk County, NY is a great place to adopt a pig. They have many adorable pigs ready for a forever home. You can reach Janice Skura at

Before bringing a pig home, you want to pig-proof your house just like you might for a toddler. Pigs can get into trouble because of how intelligent and curious they are. You should make sure that your pig can’t get to wires or anything they could get hurt with or choke on.

You should feed your pig a healthy balance of a nutritional pelleted diet along with a variety of vegetables that will keep their bodies in healthy shape, while satisfying that seemingly never-ending hunger. Mini pig pellets are the preferred choice. There are several brands of mini pig pellets, commonly referred to as ‘potbellied pig pellets’. The most popular brands include Mazuri by Purina, Manna Pro, and Nutrena Country Feeds. These feeds are specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements for minis.

Victoria’s Fun Facts and Tips:
• There are three different varieties of pig tails; curly, kinky, or straight.
• Pigs can live both indoors and outdoors.
• March 1st is National Pig Day.
• Some pigs are so smart that they can learn to open the refrigerator.
• In 2014 Miley Cyrus adopted a pet pig named Bubba Sue.
• Pigs are good swimmers.
• B.T.J’s Jungle in West Islip currently has Juliana Micro Pigs available.
• Pigs are hypoallergenic.
• Never feed your pig dog or cat food.
• It’s believed that pigs can dream just like us.

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