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Lucas is a 2 lb Netherland Dwarf. He was rescued with his brother Zachary in August. Lucas is a sweet, playful little boy who is very curious and loves to explore. Lucas can be a little skittish but once he has warmed up to you and you earn his trust, he is much more interactive.  If you want Lucas to come running to you, just offer him a piece of carrot! He currently lives side by side with his brother in their foster home. Lucas and his brother Zachary are not bonded but have never been apart. It would be great to see them go to the same home in hopes of a possible bond or to remain living side by side. They have been through a lot together and seem to take comfort in each other.



Zachary is a 3 lb dwarf rescued in August with his brother Lucas. Zach is extremely playful, curious and highly energetic. Zachary is also very smart and makes it a mission every day to outsmart his foster mom and figure out a new way to get out of his pen and get into other areas of the house to explore! There is just so much to see!! Zachary can be a bit skittish but once he knows he is safe he will come up to you for pets and kisses. He and his brother Lucas live side by side in their foster home and have never been apart. They seem to always look for and take comfort in each other, so it would be great if they could go to the same home in hopes of bonding or to continue to live side by side. You will always get Zachary’s attention with the offer of a piece of carrot!



Pablo was rescued in June of 2018 as a little baby. He now loves and begs for attention, will sit for hours for pets on the head and his favorite thing is to eat! He is a playful boy ready to bring some fun into his forever home!



Bobby is a beautiful gray rabbit with white accents. He is a friendly, big boy weighing over 7 pounds. He will greet you at the side of the pen asking for gentle pats or will come and lie his head on your lap. He enjoys space to play and will do binkies and play with toys. He loves his vegetables and he gets excited when you bring them to him.



Hope was abandoned in a park in Queens, NY.  Caring cat rescuers contacted us and helped bring her to safety.  Hope is one of the most loving and cuddly rabbits we’ve ever seen!  She sits in volunteers’ laps on the floor and just soaks in love.  Hope is spayed and ready for her forever home.



Angel was abandoned in the parking lot of an auto body shop where she lived for an extended period of time, struggling to survive. We came to her rescue as soon as we heard about her story from a concerned neighbor.  Volunteers describe Angel as the sweetest bunny on this planet! She rests her head on you when you hold her and give her pats. She loves attention!  Angel is spayed and looking for her forever family.



Marvin is enthusiastic and he loves attention. He will thump if you ignore him! He runs to the side of the pen soaking up every bit of head petting and ear massaging he can get! He loves toys he can chew. He looks forward to and devours his veggies with pure rabbit enthusiasm and joy!



Mylo was abandoned in Nassau County and survived in the streets for several weeks before being brought to safety.  He was rescued on one of the coldest days we’ve had this winter! Mylo is an inquisitive, energetic and incredibly sweet boy with unique markings on his nose.  He is shy around new people and sounds but warms up with a little time.  After a full afternoon of playing with his toys, running laps on the carpet and epic high jumps, he loves to sprawl out on the floor for a nap.  Mylo is neutered and ready for his forever home. See more of Mylo at



Robert came to us from a special rescue situation in Indiana!  He’s so happy to be a New Yorker now!  Robert is super soft.  He’s shy but will not turn down pats. He will be your best friend if you let him!



was abandoned in the fall of 2016 in Nassau County.  A caring person saved her life and kept her safe.  Laurie is a very friendly rabbit with a sassy and quirky personality.  She is a total mush, pat her head and she will be your friend forever.


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