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Popi’s Story

Popi is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Mix who was rescued by Second Chance Wildlife Rescue in 2010.

Popi was found in a hoarders house with 51 dogs, 18 cats, 2 doves and a goat. Popi has had a difficult life so far. First he ended up in Manhattans City Shelter, then when he thought he was safe, he went to the hoarders house for who knows how long. On June 9th, 2010 Popi was found in the kitchen of the hoarders house laying on a bed fit for a Rottweiler. That would have been nice except, surrounding Popi was dog poop and urine. There was only a small clean spot and that was where he laid. From what I hear, the smell of the house was horrendous, Hazmat suits needed to be worn just to enter. On June 9th, he ended up going to Second Chance Wildlife Rescue, which lead to the end of the abuse for Popi. When Popi arrived at SCWR he had distinct signs of prior abuse. In some point of his life his tail was broken along with his front leg and neither healed correctly. His tail is crooked and he walks with a limp. I adopted Popi 3 months after the rescue and I’ve loved him ever since. In the summer of 2012, Popi and I won 10,000 meals for various dog rescues across the United States. During the Winter of 2012 Popi had a fundraiser where we raised blankets and towels for SCWR. He had raised over 100 blankets and towels in the first month! In February of 2013, we came across a dog named Rocky at Manhattan City Shelter. He only had hours to live so we thought it’s time to make a difference in his life. We called Second Chance Wildlife Rescue (Who rescued Popi) and they saved him! They pulled him off the euthanasia list and were able to successfully and quickly adopt him out. Without Popi and I, Rocky would not be here today. (His name was changed to PJ!) In the Spring of 2013 Popi and I started our newest fundraiser “Popi Pins” to help Parkers House, a blind/deaf dog foundation with all the proceeds going to them! Parker was also rescued from the same hoarders house. We have done many educational events with Parker and his mom, educating people on how to own and care for blind/deaf dogs. He has since become a therapy dog and Popi and I have spent many weekends going to events with them. So far we have sold 30 Pins! In the Summer of 2013 Popi and I won 40 Dog Beds for the STAR Foundation! The STAR Foundation was generous enough to share that donation with another rescue. In the Winter of 2014 we came across Louie and Bianca at the Manhattan City Shelter. We quickly contacted Second Chance Wildlife Rescue and they saved both of them! In The Spring of 2014 Popi and I were nominated for the 2014 American Humane Society Hero Dog Awards! Popi puts a smile on people’s faces across the world by posting on his Facebook Page “Popi’s Fan Club”! At this time we have over 16000 followers and supporters. As I like to say, just a kid and his dog “Changing the world one paw at a time”

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