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Protestors Call For Attention For Stricter Penalties Against Animal Abusers


Shown here are pictures of the protesters that gathered on Sunday, July 22nd at a shopping center in Shirley to call attention to the need for stricter penalties against animal abusers. This is in response to a particular instance where a man picked up six dogs in Pennsylvania and brought them to Shirley. He then left them in his vehicle for hours where temperatures reached as high as 130 degrees.

Seventh Precinct officers responded on July 3rd, 2018 after two people observed these dogs, all Rottweilers, inside cages in this man’s parked car. Three of the dogs were deceased and three surviving dogs were transported to the Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter for evaluation. It was determined the dogs were in the vehicle in excess of 11 hours. The dogs’ owner, Carmine Dapruzzo, 41, of 345 West End Ave., was charged under the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law pertaining to the care of animals. Dapruzzo will be arraigned at a later date.


Pictured with the protestors is New York State Assemblyman Dean Murray (top picture)


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