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Pulled from a BURNING house!


“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible for you”
She was pulled from a burning house at just weeks old, this is how her life began. “Mustard Seed” as we lovingly named her, was born to a hoarding situation. The very house fire that threatened her life just might have been what saved it. Can you even imagine? She was lost in a sea of other Dachshunds all in the same horrible situation? She was lucky to get out alive, they all were. She was safe now, or was she?


Mustard Seed made it out, but as quickly as her story began, it was already coming dangerously close to an end. She found herself in a local municipal shelter with all of her housemates. All of them saw a vet and swiftly went up for adoption. You would think that THIS was her lucky break. It wasn’t. Mustard Seed stayed in her little cage not knowing how uncertain her future was or what she was up against.

All of her housemates quickly found new homes. As news spread about the “House of Horrors” hundreds of people lined up to adopt them. Most of them received multiple applications, except for Mustard Seed, she didn’t even get one. She was forced to watch them go home one by one as she was left behind.

When adopters found out what her condition was, they counted her out. It seemed she had no hope at all. Unlike the others, she didn’t receive a clean bill of health. Mustard Seed was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, something that could possibly cost thousands of dollars to treat, and even then there was no guarantee of this little girl surviving puppyhood.

At this point all she knew from life was a burning house, a steel cage in a shelter and the unthinkable about to happen. Little Shelter was not about to let her story end that way. This unknowing little puppy defied more odds in 12 short weeks than most do in a lifetime! We had to pull Mustard Seed to the safety of Little Shelter where she is currently in foster care. She now knows what it’s like to be in a home and rest her tiny puppy body in a bed.

As we continue to evaluate what will be next for Mustard Seed medically, we take comfort in knowing she is in the best hands possible. This puppy, who at one time was wanted by nobody, is certainly wanted by Little Shelter. After all, only LITTLE SHELTER would save her. We love her and will give her the best possible life, for however long or short it may be. Her future may be uncertain, but we have faith and will make every second of her life count.

Please make a generous donation to Mustard Seed’s care! Show her you have faith, she needs you. Visit our website or mail your donation to:

Little Shelter 33 Warner Rd. Huntington NY 11743 ATTN: Mustard Seed


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