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Rabbit Toys


By Lauren Rodriguez, Long Island Rabbit Rescue Volunteer

Rabbits can be very energetic creatures so it’s important to give pet rabbits plenty of opportunities to stimulate both their muscles and their intellect. Toys make rabbits happy, and they help deter them from chewing inappropriate things like carpeting, houseplants and furniture. There are many ideas and resources for your rabbit’s entertainment. Some toys can be purchased from pet supply retailers, such as willow sticks and tunnels, lava blocks, and wood chews. Rabbits like to chew, so this satisfies that need and can deter them from chewing on furniture. Certain plastic, human-baby toys can provide entertainment, too. Hard-plastic keys and stackable plastic cups satisfy a rabbit’s natural urge to move objects around and manipulate their environments.

Rabbit Toys

Some websites cater to rabbit owners and offer safe toys:

Rabbit Toys2  Rabbit Toys3

Arguably the most enjoyable toys for your rabbit (and for you!) are the ones you make. Supplies can be found among your everyday household items! Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls and brown paper bags are lightweight, chewable and tossable! If you would like to create something a little more interesting, you can fill these items with hay, which adds an instinctive foraging aspect to the game.

Cardboard boxes are excellent toys. They can be chewed, ripped and shredded. These “destructive” behaviors are actually natural behaviors in wild rabbits when they dig their warrens and make nests. Boxes can provide a hiding space or be climbed on and used as a deck. For safety, use only brown corrugated cardboard, avoid any with shiny coating, and remove any packing tape.

Rabbit Toys4

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