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My Human “N” Me, Inc.

It all started with a black fur ball named Luna. Every now and then, someone comes along that changes everything. For me, that someone was a little black furball that staggered into my lap at the kennel and stole my heart at first sight. Luna was my first fur-kid, and like any new mom, I wanted to give her the best of everything but I was overwhelmed by the pet food aisles. Kibble? Canned?
Raw? What’s best? I soon discovered the disturbing truth about the poor quality of ingredients used in many large commercial brands, and when I learned that some companies had harmed or even killed pets by using contaminated meat, I knew that I had to take a more natural approach. I tried feeding Luna fresh, raw foods but she was uninterested. My homemade foods however left her drooling. So I bought a bunch of books, took a canine nutrition course, and consulted with veterinarians to help me create balanced home-cooked meals for dogs. The biggest downside? Time. I was chained to the kitchen making meals and snacks for my human and furry family members alike. That’s when it hit me. I needed to start my own company if for no other reason than to give me a break from cooking every now and then.

It wasn’t an easy venture on a teacher’s salary, but driven by passion and hard work, I launched the company with a superior line of dog treats and hit the pet expo scene with my two sisters to get feedback from furry fans first-hand. Let’s just say, we were hard-pressed to find unsatisfied pups. We handed out hundreds of samples, and pet parents would consistently return to our booth sharing the words we loved hearing, “Yours was the only treat my dog would eat!” And we understood the reason why. Our treats are more than 99% USDA meat. Our treats look and smell like food you and I could eat . . . that’s because it is real human-quality food. And that’s our thing. Real people food for pets. No junk. And no skimping. Our goal now is to spread the word and grow our fan base with the hope of innovating new products. Our dream is to one day see this treat line blossom into a colorful array of complete and balanced human quality meals for pets. But until then . . . I’m off to the kitchen! Luna is hungry and waiting.


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