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Tinker Bell the Hero


By Janine from Amity Harbor

If it was not for our wonderful Maltese, Tinker Bell,  the following story would not have ended well.

My husband and myself are residents of Amity Harbor, NY. My grandmother, who has full blown dementia, is no longer mobile. This particular morning the house was filling with carbon monoxide and our three pound maltese, Tinker Bell, barked and barked and barked until my husband woke up. He then came into the bedroom at 5:30am yelling that the house was on fire.

When I got up you could not see your hands in front of your face because the smoke was so thick. It was hard to tell which way you were going. We called the fire department to find out that our oil burner had what they call a puff back. If it wasn’t for our wonderful Tinker Bell nobody would have woken up, she definitely is our hero everyday but on this day she was all of our hero, thank you so much Tinker Bell!!!



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