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Victoria Bonaviyta Mrs. Sobotko's 4th grade class Northeast Elementary-1

Pets bring us lots of happiness and unconditional love. It’s been shown in many studies that people with pets have less stress, are happier and healthier. And kids that grow up with pets are more social and more active. Also, pets can encourage kids
to be more responsible.

To help celebrate Valentine’s Day, I visited Mrs. Sobotko’s 4th grade class at Northeast Elementary School in Brentwood to talk to the students about their pets and why they love them. Some of the students, including Ronald Beltran, Esteban Quiceno, Leslie Saravia, Michael Pichardo, Jazmin Alcantara, Erick Guevara and Johan Guandique, all gave me a picture of their pet(s) and a beautiful handwritten story about why they love them. The students who didn’t have pets shared stories about the types of pets they would like to have – with most wanting a dog. Others told me about their favorite animals.

I also shared some of my stories about the amazing people in the animal world that I’ve had a chance to work with. The students were excited to hear that I recently met and interviewed The Incredible Dr. Pol, because many of them watch him on TV. We also discussed my interview with Dr. Jane Goodall and the time Jack Hanna let me sit in a room and play with two baby Cheetahs. The students were also interested in hearing about my annual trip to Albany, for NYS Animal Advocacy Day.

After school, many of the students checked out my YouTube Channel, Victoria’s Amazing World, where they were able to watch all my educational interviews and videos.

I chose Mrs. Sobotko’s class because of her excellence as a teacher. It was an honor for me to meet all her amazing students and to hear about the love they have for their pets.

Please remember, if you’re thinking of getting a new pet – Don’t Shop, Adopt!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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