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Where’s the leashes???

I have noticed all too often dog owners walking their dogs at county parks without leashes. This behavior makes for a dangerous situation for all us law abiding dog owners that keep our dogs on leashes. I have a small Papillion who loves to go for walks and I love to take her, but I do not want to take a chance with larger dogs roaming loose. On too many occasions these dogs have come running toward me and my dog. I need to lift my dog off the ground and hold her close to me, all the while the owner is usually telling me he or she doesn’t bite. Well I do worry as my poor little dog was attacked by a pit bull on 12/2014 while her owner strolled nearby. This incident occurred at Blydenburgh Park and though I don’t know how I was able to get that dog to release my dog from his jaw, my dog still required emergency medical care. She required numerous stitches, a drain and an overnight stay. This horrible dog owner never apologized and never followed me to the animal hospital as she claimed she would. It has taken me many many months before feeling confident to return to our lovely parks, but each time I see these owners having no regard for others safety and it makes me sick. I hate to give up walking in our parks as they are there for all, not just the selfish pet owners who can not follow simple laws. I was wondering if others have come across such incidents. I noticed all of the dogs that are not on leashes are rather large dogs. It seems us people with small dogs obey such rules but what’s the use.

Thank you for reading and please comment or share your own story.


  1. A Lab Owner March 18, 2017 Reply

    So sorry to hear about the accident with your Papillon! 🙁 They’re beautiful little dogs. Although, I will say this in defense of off-leash dogs: I have a well-behaved medium sized Lab who is very good off-leash, BUT I always keep him on-leash in parks and other places with people and dogs nearby. This is just good common sense because not all people are comfortable with off-leash dogs nearby, and for good reason. Maybe if more people followed basic safety precautions, then dogs such as pit bulls wouldn’t have such dreadful reputations.

  2. KrisAnne March 13, 2018 Reply

    I know this was posted over a year ago, but for anyone reading now- ALL dogs should be on leash, not just “big dogs.” My “big dog” has been run up on by unleashed small dogs so, this road goes both ways. Even if you think your dog has bulletproof recall, even if it’s such a good, friendly dog, etc- put it on a leash. Because guess what- my dog isn’t a nice friendly dog with other dogs and if YOUR DOG comes into my dog’s leash space, it’s going to get ugly. LEASH YOUR DOGS.

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